Project Support Fund

Biodiversity and Ecology Research Fund

Sustaining rich biodiversity and
healthy global symbiosis into the future

 The Center for Ecological Research (CER) conducts research into how biodiversity and ecosystems support our everyday lives, and what we can do in order to sustain rich biodiversity and healthy ecosystems into the future. It is a small research center, but it is designated as Joint Usage/Collaborative Research Center, and serves as the hub of the DIVERSITAS in the Western Pacific and Asia (DIWPA*) network, pursuing a broad range of research projects in collaboration with researchers across the world.

 IToday, many of the world’s ecosystems and the biodiversity within them are under threat. The core missions of the CER are to provide researchers from Japan and abroad with opportunities to use cutting-edge research facilities, to support network-building and the acquisition of research skills by early-career researchers, and to promote research on biodiversity in Japan and across the world. The Biodiversity and Ecology Research Fund has been established in order for the CER to perform these crucial missions reliably even as national government funding continues to be reduced.

Contributions to this Fund will be used to strengthen researcher networks and improve research facilities so the CER can push ahead with research on biodiversity and ecosystems in the Western Pacific and Asia, and to foster talent in the field of ecological research.

*DIWPA (DIVERSITAS in the Western Pacific and Asia) is a secretariat to manage international gatherings of biodiversity researchers. For more details, please visit

Fund applications



Assistance for early-career researchers

Assistance with research expenses and overseas travel expenses for graduate students and early-career researchers


Hosting of DIWPA symposia and international training programs, publicity activities

Development of joint-use facilities

Provision of ample research instruments and facilities open for use by researchers nationwide

Public awareness and educational activities

Conduct of public lectures, open lab events, and practical and class activities for junior and senior high school students