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Kyoto University Orchestra 100th Anniversary Fund

Supporting activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kyoto University Symphony Orchestra

The Kyoto University Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1916, and has held concerts every year without fail, even during wartime, since the year following its foundation. The orchestra has grown steadily, making many contributions to the musical community including the first Japanese performance of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 (Pathétique), and the first performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 (Choral) in the Kansai region. It has also performed under many renowned guest conductors including Hidemaro Konoye and Takashi Asahina (himself an alumnus of the orchestra).

Thanks to support from many quarters, the Orchestra has reached its 100th year of operation in 2016. Various anniversary activities will be held in addition to the regular concert in order to celebrate this achievement and ensure that the Orchestra’s proud history and traditions are passed down to future generations. Activities currently planned include the production of a centennial history and CD, together with several celebratory events (for details, see:KYODAIOKE 100th anniversary HP(Japanese Only)). The fund has been established in order to support these anniversary activities and the Orchestra itself.
 Since its foundation, the KU Symphony Orchestra has taken an uncompromising approach to the creation of music in its purest form. Students are responsible for all aspects of the Orchestra’s operations from management to performance, working together with their peers to overcome a variety of hurdles and produce orchestral works on a grand scale. It is through these collective efforts that the Orchestra’s distinctive culture is nurtured and passed on unremittingly. We hope to use our anniversary activities to showcase the ideas and philosophies that the Orchestra has fostered and share them with many people.

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Compilation of centennial history

Research and production expenses for the compilation of a centennial history

Production of 100th anniversary CD

Research, recording and production expenses for an anniversary CD

Implementation of 100th anniversary events

Expenses necessary for anniversary events

Other purposes that will enhance the Orchestra’s activities

Expenses incurred for holding concerts and purchasing equipment and consumables