Project Support Fund

Project support funds are categorized into four groups:

Support for Faculties and Graduate Schools

Shishu-Kan Fund

The Shishu-kan Fund helps cultivate future leaders with broad intellect, advanced expertise, charismatic strengths, and the ability to lead efforts in the public interest and find solutions to an array of social issues.

Graduate School of Science Fund

The Graduate School of Science has a mission to engage in world-leading and cutting-edge scientific research and to support individuals with scientific knowledge to solve the issues facing global society.

Graduate School and Faculty of Education Fund

The Graduate School and Faculty of Education is engaged in research on a diverse array of themes relevant to education, psychology, human condition and the society.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Education and Research Fund

By generating exceptional research output and developing international human resources to drive drug discovery and medical care, we will create a center for education and research of the highest global standard.

Graduate School of Management Education and Research Support Fund

This fund aims to enhance the educational and research activities of the Graduate School of Management, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016, as well as to cultivate talented individuals who will take on leading roles in diverse fields.

Graduate School of Informatics Fund

Supporting research that will help generate revolutionary innovations to transform the society of the future, with a focus on both cutting-edge research in informatics and the basic research that underpins it.

Kyoto University Engineering Fund

Overall, the fund will allow improving our infrastructure to overcome some of the geographical disadvantages, promoting a higher degree of educational and research activities at Graduate School of Engineering.

Energy Science Fund

This fund aims to support students and researchers to engage in pioneering activities in the fields of energy science.

Faculty of Letters/Graduate School of Letters Fund

We will promote education and research development to use the humanity’s intellectual heritage for the future. Through education and research that involves consulting the original documents and books we can touch by hand, we aim to nurture individuals with excellent human qualities as well as the next generation of researchers.

Support for Students and Researchers

Tasuku Honjo “Yuh-shi” Fund (Commemorating the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine)

Tasuku Honjo Incentive Fund was established by Dr. Honjo, a distinguished professor, with his donation of the cash award that accompanied his Novel Prize in Physiology or Medical, which he was awarded in October 2018.This fund will be used to support young researchers who pursue their research with strong determination and unsparing effort.

Kokoro Fund

The Kokoro Research Center has assembled researchers from a wide range of academic fields for diverse interdisciplinary research aimed at elucidating the mechanisms of the human mind.

iPS Cell Research Fund

To deliver the benefits of iPS cell research as quickly as possible to patients, Kyoto University has created the iPS Cell Research Fund to support CiRA researchers and other staff for this goal.

Kyoto University Observatory Fund

Kyoto University Observatory Fund supports the Graduate School of Science Affiliated Observatories on improvements of observatory facilities and equipments, its activities on astronomy, and associated projects in cross-boarder joint research.

iCeMS Fund

Where science meets humanity Creating bio-inspired super materials to revolutionize health-care, medicine, industry and the environment. Because we care.

African Research Fund

African Research Fund is designed to support the Center for African Area Studies in conducting fieldwork-based African surveys and research, contributing to African development, and helping to train young researchers.

Wildlife Research Center

Wildlife Research Center Fund is utilized to promote the development of Wildlife Research Center facilities, which focuses on the protection of large animal species that face the threat of extinction.

Asian Studies

Asian Studies Fund is designed to support research, surveys, and academic exchange of young researchers in Japan and abroad in the field of Asian studies.

Promotion of Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund

Promotion of Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund mobilizes interdisciplinary collaboration among academic researchers.

Global Survivability Studies Fund

Pioneering the new interdisciplinary field of Global Survivability Studies and fostering global human resources to contribute to the safety and security of society.

Ujigawa Open Laboratory Fund

This fund aims to help reduce disaster risk by furnishing opportunities to connect cutting-edge research on disaster prevention/mitigation with community disaster prevention activities.

Primate Research Fund

As the Primate Research Institute approaches its 50th anniversary, we will develop research and breeding facilities, pursue publicity activities, and strive for even greater progress in the Japan-born primatology with the Primate Research Institute as its center.

Space Unit Fund

We are working for human advancement into outer space by creating a new multi-disciplinary field called Synergetic Studies for Space and by cultivating human resources for space development and its use.

Sports Business Education and Research Promotion Fund

This fund will conduct research and pursue projects concerning sports business as well as engage in the dissemination of their outcomes with the aim of soundly developing university sports organizations that enjoy the trust of the wider community.

Kyoto University Mathematical Sciences Research Fund

The Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences is working to promote research in mathematics and mathematical sciences, which is critical to the development of various sciences and industrial technology, and to develop the next generation of young researchers.

Global Health Fund

Integrating Kyoto University’s cutting-edge research and fieldwork traditions, the GHIU provides scholars from developing countries with the skills and knowledge to serve as leaders in education and research on global health in developing countries.

Kyoto University Design School Fund

Developing new design methodologies and doctoral specialists capable of designing social systems and architectures through collaborating with experts in different fields.

Education and Research Support Fund for Students with Disabilities

We will eliminate barriers in both campus facilities as well as education and research systems, thereby enhancing academic support for students with disabilities and preparing them for active roles in wider society.

Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry Fund

A world-leading center for fundamental and theoretical chemistry that promotes research activities and fosters a new generation of talent by providing an environment that enables young scientists to devote themselves to research.

Kyoto University Hospital Fund

The Kyoto University Hospital is working to improve patient services, enhance medical treatment, research and education, and deliver safe, high-quality medical care, as well as responding to society’s expectations as a hospital with superior functions.

Education and Research for Regional Alliances Fund

Pursuing education and research through regional alliances, carrying on the work of the university COC program to contribute to regional activation, and fostering human resources for regional economic reinvigoration and regional revitalization.

Fund for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Programs

By reaching across the boundaries of specialization and enhancing interdisciplinary graduate education programs at the graduate level, we strive to develop high-level “knowledge professionals” capable of thriving widely across the sectors of industry, government, and academia.

Biodiversity and Ecology Research Fund

Functioning as the hub of a network for biodiversity researchers, and cultivating talent to lead research toward preservation of rich biodiversity and healthy global symbiosis into the future.

Humanosphere Science Research Fund “For a Sustainable Future”

To unlock a sustainable future for humankind, RISH explores Humanosphere Science through multi-dimensional approaches such as the environment,forests, solar energy, space infrastructure, and material development.

Innovation of Advanced Photonic and Electronic Devices Fund

We will develop exceptional international professionals able to create advanced photonic and electronic device studies who have a command over everything from basic academic theory to system application and who will take on challenging issues.

Katsura Library Fund

This is the first stand-alone library on the Katsura Campus, which will serve as a hub for collecting, storing, and sharing science and engineering materials exceeding the functions of a traditional library and promote active open science activities.

Institute for Research in Humanities Fund

The Institute for Research in Humanities will promote research activities along with releasing and sharing the results to serve the purpose of coming up with effective solutions for current social issues from a humanities standpoint.

Life and Medical Sciences Research Fund

In order to fulfill our mission of eradicating viral diseases and realizing practical applications of frontier life and medical sciences, we engage in the promotion of the study of the portent and the development of researchers and entrepreneurs with broad perspectives and the ability to get things done along the path to taking the lead in medical sciences and biostudies.

Fund for the Development of Medical Innovators

By building an advanced education and research system through an academic-industrial cooperation and providing an environment in which students can concentrate on their studies and research, this program will develop professionals who will take the lead in innovation in the medical and healthcare fields.

Kyoto University Farm Fund

The Kyoto University Farm not only serves as a center for practical education but also aims to develop and demonstrate next-generation agricultural technologies, as Japan’s leading comprehensive research center for agriculture.

Cancer Immunotherapy Research Fund

The Kyoto University Center for Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunobiology (CCII) was established in April 2020 as the first-ever Japanese comprehensive cancer immunotherapy research institute. We have been conducting research activities at the CCII to address clinical and biological issues in cancer immunotherapy. By addressing the issues, the CCII aims to realize the challenging goal of full recovery of cancer patients.

Disaster Prevention Research Institute Fund

Contributing to paradigm shifts in the natural world and human society by pursuing the principles of natural hazard reduction, conducting practical research projects , and fostering the next generation of talent for sustainable development across the globe.

Fund for Kyoto University Institute for the Future of Human Society

IFOHS aims to promote interdisciplinary research, pioneer new research areas, strengthen communication of research findings with a view to contributing to the harmonious well-being of the world using knowledge and insight from humanities and social sciences.

Uji Campus Enhancement Fund

Kyoto University Uji Campus will strengthen our campus environment with this fund, by improving the infrastructure and facilities that support cutting-edge research on Uji Campus, and by promoting activities that contribute to the local community as an open-to-society center of interaction.

School of Platforms Program Fund

We aim to develop human resources who contribute to creating platforms capable of rapidly responding to social risks through systematic collaboration between informatics, field science (agriculture, medicine, disaster prevention, etc.), and liberal arts.

Support for Extracurricular Activities

Kyoto University Baseball Club Support Fund

Baseball Club Support Fund supports the Kyoto University Baseball Club, which was founded in 1898 and now competes as a team affiliated with the Kansai BIG 6 Baseball League.

Kyoto University Rowing Club Support Fund

Rowing Club Support Fund is designed to support competitive intercollegiate activities of the Kyoto University Rowing Club, which is publicly well known with its Lake Biwa Rowing Song.

Kyoto University Rugby Football Club Support Fund

Rugby Football Club Support Fund supports activities of the club, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022. We aim to cultivate future leaders and contribute to the local community through the sport of rugby.

Kyoto University American Football Club Support Fund

We aim to enhance the personnel, strategy, and environment of the KU American Football Club and realize our ambition of being “number one in Japan for sports”.

Kyoto University Windsurfing Team Support Fund

The Windsurfing Team has an impressive track record, which includes vectoring in the national intercollegiate team championships, and is striving to consolidate its position as one of Japan’s most competitive teams.

Kyoto University Mechatro-Creators Fund

Fostering individuals with wide-ranging mechanical, electrical, and information-related knowledge and skills and raising KU’s profile through robot contests.

Kyoto University Futsal Club Support Fund

We intend to create a better training environment where players can strengthen fitness and strength and have more coaches, with the aim of achieving number one in Japan for university futsal and creating a team about which everyone says that nothing is more representative of university futsal than Kyoto University.

Kyoto University Swimming Club Support Fund

We aim to enhance the operational environment for the Kyoto University Swimming Club and the Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine Swimming Club which have performed outstandingly in athletic competitions. Our goals include the maintenance and renovation of Kyoto University’s pool equipment in the West Campus and the improvement of the practice environment.

Kyoto University Ski Racing Team Support Fund

This fund will assist with the significant financial burden of insurance, registration, equipment, and other activity costs for the Kyoto University Ski Racing Team, and boost the team’s competitive performance by securing more on-snow training time.

Support for Commemorative Events and the Preservation of Valuable Documents

Third Higher School Fund

Third Higher School Fund supports the Kyoto University Archives in collecting, organizing, preserving, and conducting research on valuable materials relevant to the history of the Third Higher School.

Kyoto University Orchestra 100th Anniversary Fund

Through activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kyoto University Symphony Orchestra in 2016, we will share our musical and intellectual legacy with the next generation.

Faculty of Economics Centennial Fund

We will implementing projects to celebrate the centennial in 2019 and support the advancement of education and research in the Faculty of Economics.

Kyoto University Rare Materials Digital Archive Fund

This fund supports the restoration and digitization of the rare materials held by Kyoto University to share the wisdom of our ancestors described there with the world and the future generations.

Faculty of Agriculture 100th Anniversary Fund

Conducing special projects to celebrate the Faculty of Agriculture’s 100th anniversary in 2023, and fostering researchers who tackle environmental and food supply challenges and advance agricultural science, which holds the key to a sustainable future.

CSEAS Library Fund

CSEAS is dedicated to restoring and preserving its valuable materials, repairing the historic library building, and sharing its wealth of knowledge, forging a lasting connection between Kyoto and Southeast Asia for future generations.