Project Support Fund

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Supporting the admission of students unable to pursue education and research following
the invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is preventing many students in Ukraine from continuing their education and research activities.

While fervently hoping for a peaceful resolution to the current situation in Ukraine, Kyoto University also intends to do as much as possible to assist people at Ukraine’s many universities and other academic institutions, including those which are academic corporation and exchange partners of Kyoto University. The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund has been established in order to welcome students in crisis situations to Kyoto University and support their education and research activities.

To assist those who have been deprived of opportunities for learning and research in Ukraine, Kyoto University will admit both undergraduate and graduate students currently studying in Ukraine and use this fund to provide them with scholarships to assist with living expenses and the like, as well as offering full exemptions from examination fees, admission fees, and tuition at the university’s own expense.

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Support for living expenses other than tuition and fees