How to Give

Donations Using the Web Application Form

Donations to the Kyoto University Fund can be made online with a credit card.


1. Fill out the Web application form.

2. Confirm the information you have entered, then click the "Input confirmation" button.

3. That completes the procedure. (A completion notice will be sent to your e-mail address.)

4. We will forward you a transaction receipt.

Credit Card Settlements

You may use a credit card bearing any of the following marks to make your donation.

Settlement Procedure

The donation acceptance and settlement procedure is complete once you have received our completion notice by e-mail.
As with any ordinary credit card transaction, your donation will be withdrawn from the bank account designated by provisions in your agreement with your credit card issuer. The withdrawal date will occur within one or two months following the month in which you submitted your donation. This varies by credit card issuer.
Please check the balance statements you receive from your card issuer.

Transaction Receipts(For prefered donors only)

Kyoto University will send a receipt for your donation once the transfer of funds from your credit card has been finalized—this usually takes approximately one to two months. The date on the receipt will be the date on which you submitted your donation on the website.