Seeking Your Support for the Kyoto University Fund

“Kyodai-ryoku, Shin-kiten” (in Japanese, 京大力、新輝点) has been adopted as the slogan to mark the 125th anniversary of Kyoto University’s founding.

“Kyodai” is an abbreviated form of the name “Kyoto University” in Japanese (Kyoto Daigaku). The suffix “-ryoku” means “strength” or “power,” and in this case refers to the diverse abilities that all those connected with the university bring to their various roles—including the university’s students, researchers, faculty and staff members, and alumni. Of course, such diverse ability—encompassing research, development, creativity, comprehension, insight, proactivity, and judgement—cannot really be defined with one word.

The main focus of our 125th anniversary project will be on “talent development projects” that mobilize this idea of “Kyodai-ryoku.”
We will devoting special efforts to the task of fostering global leaders: developing an environment in which undergraduate and graduate students can make the most of study abroad opportunities, and creating systems to attract outstanding international students from all over the world.
Moreover, we will be establishing new scholarship programs to commemorate the 125th anniversary, and developing structures that empower researchers to carry out their research to the full.

Talent with the audacity to pursue Kyoto University’s mission of harmonious coexistence within the human and ecological community.
Talent with the youthful sensibility to transcend conventional disciplinary boundaries, identify new challenges, and formulate fresh solutions.
Talent to power the creation of future society by reassessing and enhancing the culture that lies at the heart of Japanese people.

The support you offer will be used directly to fund the cultivation of these talents, and also pooled into a managed fund, the returns from which will be allocated to support areas such as basic research. We will be sure to use your contributions carefully, meaningfully, and with a heartfelt sense of gratitude.
We look forward to even stronger support for the Kyoto University Fund into the future.


2022 heralds Kyoto University's Quasquicentennial, a bright new beginning for exploring new academic frontiers.

With a vibrant sensitivity emanating from Japanese love of nature, in a perpetual quest for innovation grounded on a reverence for classical tradition, drawing on the natural wisdom and human heritage of Kyoto's 1200 years as capital of Japan, Kyoto University boldly pursues not only scientific truth but also solutions to global problems.

Kyoto University offers unique educational and research opportunities; by ever expanding its international exchange and accelerating its social outreach, Kyoto University contributes to the harmonious coexistence of world society.


—Design concept—

The University's central Clock Tower depicts the numeral "1", while the overall design symbolizes the institution's history drawing on the city of Kyoto's 1,200 years of tradition enriching the enduring veins of knowledge spanning the human and natural sciences.

The dynamic three-dimensional, shape symbolizes a bold commitment to the future, the search for truth, and a commitment to address global-scale problems.

The deep blue, that is the University's official color signifies the strong will to prepare students for success in the international arena by equipping them with unique strengths in education and research.