Letters from KUF

Letters from KUF

As part of our hearfelt gratitudes, we prepare periodical "News Letter"to donors with exciting coverages including interviews with our talented alumnus and successful frontiers in particular fields who support KU.

Vol.17 Three-person Discussion

Vol.16 Student Roundtable Discussion

Vol.15 Interview

Vol.14  Roundtable Discussion between Graduates and Existing Students

Vol.13 Interview

Vol.12  Marking the Launch of a Research Project

Vol.11 Messages from graduates

Vol.10 Interview

Vol.9  Dialogue between Kyoto University alumni

Vol.8 Interview

Vol.7 Messages from graduates

Vol.6 Interview

Vol.5 Message from the Faculty

Vol.4 Messages from graduates

Vol.3 Discussion

Vol.2 Discussion forum with alumni

Vol.1 Interview

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