Interviews with Donors

Interviews with Donors

The following links are messages from some of our biggest contributers. Please learn more about what they expect from and how they feel about KU and its students.

Vol.10 Interview with Donors

Yoshitomo Kasui

Senior Managing Director
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Vol.9 Interview with Donors

Yukio Masuda

Vol.8 Interview with Donors

Tomiya Takamatsu

President and Representative Director
DyDo Group Holdings, Inc.

Vol.7 Interview with Donors

Yasuyuki Horiguchi

Representative Director and CEO
Horiguchi Co., Ltd.

Vol.6 Interviews with Donors

Sadanori Yagi

Vol.5 Interviews with Donors

Tsuneo Kaibori

Asahi Woodtec Corporation

Vol.4 Interviews with Donors

Nobuo Sayama

Representative Director & Partner
Integral Corporation

Vol.3 Interviews with Donors

Masaru Nishimura


Vol.2 Interviews with Donors

Masayuki Oku

Chairman of the Board
(at the time of interview)
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group

Vol.1 Interviews with Donors

Susumu Yoshida

President & CEO (at the time of interview)