Project Support Fund

African Research Fund

For fieldwork-based African research in the Kyoto University tradition

 Research on Africa is one area where Kyoto University has special expertise. The Center for African Area Studies (CAAS) was established in 1986 and has expanded its operations as the first institution of its kind in Japan with an Africa-oriented focus. Backed by fieldwork, the Center conducts surveys and research on modern African issues relating to the environment and ecology, subsistence, society, and culture, and is also actively engaged in efforts to aid African development and train young researchers.

 As the core hub for African studies at Kyoto University, CAAS contributes to the advancement of African area research through its publication of a scholarly journal and compilation of databases of research findings, and aims eventually to have the rewards of its research facilitate further advances in African development. Many African nations do not have strong fiscal footings and most African universities lack enough funding for research. Researchers in such nations need access to forums for the presentation of their research findings as well as other forms of assistance. The African Research Fund has been set up to help foster African research.

 CAAS aims to equip human resources for global roles that integrate expertise in the humanities and sciences while reflecting consideration for conditions at the local level. To that end, it has developed a program to help improve the research environment for young researchers, disseminate their research findings, accept researchers from overseas, foster varied undertakings in joint research, and engage in a range of activities that contribute to society.

Fund applications



Dissemination of research findings

Publication of African Study Monographs in European languages
Compilation and provision of public access to databases on useful African plants, regional conflict, and coexistence
Holding study sessions and conferences for African Area Studies

Research assistance

Financial assistance for field surveys in Africa by young researchers

Social contributions

Implementation of lecture seminars for the public and outreach courses for elementary, middle, and high schools
Sharing research findings with society through video broadcasts of lecture courses

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