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CSEAS Library Fund

Connecting Kyoto to Southeast Asia—Library and materials for the future

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) is the only Southeast Asia research center in Japan. It’s library contains many rare materials that have been lost in Southeast Asian home countries, and for more than half a century, it has served as a venue for academic research and education and provided historical materials to both domestic and international users.
The library's main building, originally home to Kyoto Textile—a pivotal force in modernizing the Nishijin textile industry—exemplifies the charm of Meiji-era architecture.
However, due to deterioration of this 130 year building it now requires maintenance with annual repairs. Additionally, valuable materials have also deteriorated over the years, and we are gradually restoring and digitizing them.

CSEAS aims to share its vast knowledge, bridging the gap between Kyoto, Southeast Asia, and the global community for future generations.. The library is a not just a facility preserving historical remains and materials. It aims to serve as a bridge connecting Kyoto and Southeast Asia, providing a platform to share insights into the history, society, and culture of contemporary Asia.
All received funds will be allocated towards preserving the invaluable Meiji-era architecture, enhancing facilities, maintaining historical resources, supporting the growth of future talent, promoting both domestic and international exchanges, and ensuring the continued dissemination of global information.

Fund applications



Preservation of and public access to the building

Building repair expenses

Preservation of and public access to the materials

Restoration, preservation of, and public access to the collection of historical materials

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