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Graduate School of Informatics Fund

Basic research and cutting-edge research working in tandem to unlock the future of the information society

 The Graduate School of Informatics was created around the three core areas of interfacing humans and society, mathematical modeling, and information systems. By nurturing high-level research capabilities and rich scholarship, the graduate school aims to cultivate researchers who will push information science forward and specialized professionals of the highest quality, and to produce outstanding individuals who will take the lead in solving the various issues of today’s society.

 Kyoto University leads the world in cutting-edge research on informatics-related themes such as AI, IoT, and big data, as well as placing emphasis on basic research in mathematics, statistics, and information science that forms the foundations for such research. Generating revolutionary innovations that will drive the society of the future requires the ability to think logically and abstractly, the capacity to perceive the genuine essence of things, and the ability to accumulate and integrate ideas. For this reason, the graduate school seeks to cultivate talent with an emphasis not only on building specialized knowledge in specific areas, but also on the development of fundamental capabilities.
 However, this kind of basic research and the training of researchers to engage in it is often overshadowed by current state-of-the-art initiatives, and tends to be afforded low priority in funding terms. The Graduate School of Informatics Fund has been created in order to enhance both the quality and quantity of training of such talented individuals, and support original research that will help generate the innovations of the future.

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Supporting learning and research by graduate students

Medium- and long-term placement of graduate students in research institutes and universities within and outside Japan
Provision of grant-based scholarships and other financial assistance to doctoral students
Improvement of learning and research environments for graduate students

Supporting young researchers

Medium- and long-term placement of young researchers in research institutes and universities outside Japan

Supporting research

Assistance for research by faculty members

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