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— Pioneering new integrated cell-material sciences

 iCeMS was founded in 2007 as part of the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) launched by the Japanese science ministry. Since its inception, iCeMS has endeavored to open up a new interdisciplinary area that integrates “cell biology,” which aims to understand life phenomena from the properties of cells, and “chemistry,” which investigates the structures of materials.

 iCeMS attaches importance to fundamental research in order to establish new sciences that integrate cells and materials. Without the researchers who dedicate themselves to fundamental research, innovations that would enrich society would never be attained.
 To date, iCeMS has produced prominent fundamental researchers, as represented by Professor Shinya Yamanaka of stem cell biology, Professor Susumu Kitagawa of chemistry of coordination space, and Professor Mitinori Saitou of synthetic biology. Moreover, our young researchers have consistently been publishing valuable findings. In order to sustain their activities and allow them full latitude to work on their research individually, your encouragement and accompaniment are indispensable.
 Anyone can join our endeavors through the iCeMS Fund. We hope that we will be able to open up new fields of fundamental research with you.

 iCeMS researchers are devoting themselves to their research energetically every day. Their research fields range broadly from creating unknown substances and materials unfettered by conventional “common sense” to attempting to elucidate the intricate mysteries of life.
 The fundamental research we are working on may not be of immediate help to our daily life. Nevertheless, we are convinced that our continuous efforts to explore what interests us will eventually result in steady progress of science and open up a new future of mankind.
 Science has advanced, compared to what it used to be. Still, the mystery of science is fathomless, and the realm of the unknown expands indefinitely. We are calling for friends who could understand and support our endeavors to explore the unexplored. Why don’t you join our journey for the unseen view that spreads ahead of our challenges?

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The iCeMS fund applications were revised in March 2021 to include “Operation of iCeMS”. Please check
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