Project Support Fund

iPS Cell Research Fund

Translating iPS cell research to patient care

 CiRA has assembled a large number of researchers and support staff for the study and clinical application of iPS cells, with the ultimate goal of making these applications available to as many patients as possible and as quickly as possible. Specifically, findings from iPS cell research have led to fundamental understanding of how life develops along with new drug discovery, regenerative medicine, and other treatments that harness iPS cell technologies.

The translation of any technology to clinical application takes time and demands a strong commitment from talented people. Ideally, these people would remain at CiRA for the long term. However, approximately 90% of CiRA's operating budget comes from financial resources that restrict the period of hiring, which means CiRA cannot retain many of its best people. The iPS Cell Research Fund was set up as a funding resource to assure stable, long-term employment along with providing training to exceptional young scientists considering careers in iPS cell research to faster achieve CiRA’s goal of iPS cell-based therapies and medicines. This fund is essential to CiRA’s global role in iPS cell research.

 Your support will go a long way in helping us bring new cures.

Fund applications




Hire excellent researchers and support staff and provide them with long-term, stable employment.

Acquiring and maintaining patents

Acquire and maintain patents that promote iPS cell technologies and research.

Research assistance

Provide support and training to young researchers and fund research projects that contribute to CiRA's status as a leader in iPS cell research.

Risk management

Funding for patent litigation, natural disasters, and other unexpected risks.