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The WISE program, promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), aims to encourage universities to systematically collaborate with other domestic and foreign universities, research institutes and private companies, etc. while taking advantage of its own strengths and achievements, and develop a five-year integrated doctoral degree program, thereby fostering excellent doctoral talents who can lead each sector.
The Kyoto University School of Platforms Program, which has been adopted by the WISE program, was launched in 2021 in collaboration with the Graduate School of Informatics, the Graduate School of Agriculture, the Graduate School of Medicine, the Disaster Prevention Research Institute, and the School of Government.
The program is creating a new academic discipline, platform studies, aimed at enabling the construction of platforms that transcend existing concepts through systematic collaboration between informatics, which integrates information and communication technologies, field science, such as agriculture, medicine, and disaster prevention, which create value through the generation of information and data, as well as liberal arts. The program also aims to develop human resources who possess not only knowledge of the multi-disciplinary field of platform studies but also advanced and creative research skills.

Modern society faces a variety of social risks, such as infectious diseases and natural disasters, having an urgent need for platforms capable of rapidly responding to such risks.
Funds will be allocated to support the activities of the program, with the goal of contributing to solving social issues through the development of human resources capable of conducting doctoral-level research and development using platforms optimized across multiple fields.

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Education Support

Expenses for hiring students as research assistants (RA), teaching assistants (TA), and office assistants (OA)
Expenses for supporting students in studying abroad
Expenses for providing grant-type scholarships
Scholarships and livelihood support for international students

Research Support

Expenses for supporting students’ research activities
Development of research environments for the program
Expenses for sending faculty members and students abroad
Expenses for accepting international researchers

Program Activity Support

Expenses for holding symposiums, seminars, etc.
Expenses for PR and advertising activities
Expenses required for operating the program

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