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Kyoto University Windsurfing Team Support Fund

Winner of the national intercollegiate team championships!
Support the activities of one of Kyoto University’s most competitive sporting clubs

 The Kyoto University Windsurfing Team aims to improve both body and mind through windsurfing as well as helping to foster healthy marine leisure activities. Currently, around 50 members train with the team on a daily basis. In recent years, the team has achieved numerous victories and placings in national-level intercollegiate team competitions, and is building a reputation as Japan’s strongest team.

 By its very nature, the sport of windsurfing requires extensive travel for training and competitions, and the financial burden associated with such travel is significant. Currently, the team is forced to rely on rental cars funded with team membership fees and vehicles owned by team members themselves. The financial burden for maintaining our training venues is also increasing.

 Contributions to this fund will be used to create an environment in which team members can feel more easy in pursuing their activities. All members will be doing their utmost to create the ideal training environment and to ensure that Kyoto University will remain a major force in windsurfing long into the future. Your generous support would be greatly appreciated.

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Enhancement of team activities

Expenses for training, camps, and travel for competitions
Expenses for purchases of consumables and equipment required for training and competitions
Expenses for publicity and other team activities
Fees and travel expenses for head coach, coaches, and trainers
Other items contributing to the enhancement and reinforcement of the Windsurfing Team’s activity environment

Expenses related to fundraising

Activities to solicit donations
Reporting (accounting reports, reports on team activities, etc.)
Other expenses related to fundraising