Project Support Fund

Faculty of Agriculture 100th Anniversary Fund

For the further advancement of agricultural science, the key to a sustainable future

Founded in 1923, the Kyoto University Faculty of Agriculture is one of the oldest university faculties of agricultural science in Japan. It currently comprises six undergraduate departments (Bioreseource Science, Applied Life Sciences, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Food Environmental Economics, Forest and Biomaterials Science, Food Science and Biotechnology) together with seven divisions in the Graduate School of Agriculture (Agronomy and Horticultural Science, Forest and Biomaterials Science, Applied Life Sciences, Applied Biosciences, Environmental Science and Technology, Natural Resource Economics, Food Science and Biotechnology). Guided by Kyoto University’s mission of respect for academic freedom and under the three keywords of Life, Food, and Environment, education and research in these divisions and departments addresses key challenges in human survival, such as environmentally sound food production and conservation of the environment in harmony with food production.

The Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture has established a 100th anniversary fund and is planning a variety of projects to celebrate its centennial in 2023. These projects are being designed to provide opportunities to reflect on a century of history and discuss prospects for the future together with alumni and other close associates, and to serve as an occasion for international exposure for early-career researchers who are the future of agricultural science in Japan.

In addition to the implementation of 100th anniversary projects, this fund is also set to be used to develop education and research environments in the Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture.

The support provided by this fund will enable the next generation of students and early-career researchers to play active roles in the future as researchers leading the advancement of agricultural science as the key to a sustaimable future for humankind, and as professionals applying their specialized agrigultural knowledge for the sustainability of the environment and food supply.

Fund applications



Compilation of Faculty of Agriculture centennial history

Research and production expenses for the Faculty of Agriculture centennial history

Implementation of centennial projects

Essential expenses for centennial projects

Assistance for international research conferences

Hosting of international research conferences for graduate students and early-career researchers

Enhancement of education/research infrastructure, etc.

Development of education/research infrastructure in the Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture

Assistance for early-career researchers

Research expenses such as overseas travel expenses for early-career researchers