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Kyoto University Hospital Fund

Providing safe, high-quality medical care and responding to society’s expectations as a hospital with superior functions

Since its establishment in 1899, Kyoto University Hospital has produced a wealth of talent and contributed to the advancement of medical science and medical care in Japan.

Today the hospital continues to be operated in accordance with the following basic principles as it seeks to play a core role in the local community and contribute to a global society.

Basic Principles
1. Providing safe and high-quality medical care as a patient-centered hospital
2. Contributing to society through the development and practice of new treatments
3. Fostering medical professionals with a sense of mission, responsibility as well as compassion.

However, as the national government continues to reduce its operating expenses grants to universities, the hospital faces extremely challenging conditions. Funds generated through the hospital’s own efforts are increasingly proving to be insufficient to meet its operational needs.

The Kyoto University Hospital Fund was established in order to attract the broad-ranging support that the hospital needs to break out of this difficult situation.

The hospital remains committed to providing each of its patients with safe and high-quality medical care, as well as responding to society’s expectations as a hospital equipped with superior functions.

Your donation will be used to further enhance patient services; provide training and support for doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff; and conduct essential education, research, and hospital operations.

Project example:
Hospital art in Children's Medical Center, January 2021

Fund applications



Patient services

Initiatives to further enhance services for patients


Provision of safe and high-quality treatment through promotion of advanced medical care such as introduction of cutting-edge equipment


New medical research and development, and promotion of clinical research in collaboration with the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application and other organs of the university


Training of medical professionals equipped with advanced skills, the capacity to work in teams, and the broad perspective needed to perform internationally.

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