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Life and Medical Sciences Research Fund

Uncovering the secrets of vital activity to shape the future of medical sciences

Under our previous name, The Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences (inFront), Kyoto University, was established in 2016 through the merger between the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences and the Institute for Virus Research. In April 2022, we made a new start under the current name, The Institute for Life and Medical Sciences (LiMe) in the aim of exploring new academic fields.The Institute for Virus Research was known for its brilliant research findings in medical sciences, including the discovery of the human leukemia virus and the elucidation of the mechanism of neurogenesis, and it has produced numerous talented researchers. The Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, on the other hand, has established an innovative cornerstone in regenerative medicine, by establishing human embryonic stem cells (ES cells) and discovering induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) and regulatory T cells. Clinical applications of these research findings are imminent.

In contemporary society where globalization has brought numerous issues, the Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences are taking on the mission of eradicating viral diseases including COVID-19 and producing findings from medical sciences research that lead to practical applications. As our mission assumes increasingly greater importance, we have established this research fund with the aim of supporting research activities and expediting "study of the portent."

SARS-CoV-2(EM was taken by Prof. Noda's group)

Core structure of Ebola virus as captured by cryo-electron microscopy

By promoting integrated research activities that combine virology, immunology, genetics, the study of stem cells, structural science, and mathematical science, we intend to develop researchers and entrepreneurs who have broad perspectives and the ability to get things done along the path to taking the lead in medical sciences and biostudies in Japan and the world. Our goal is to eradicate viral diseases and put regenerative medicine to practical use.

Human ES cell produced for clinical purposes for the first time in Japan (KthES11). It has been already distributed to various research institutions

Fund applications



Virus research

Supporting innovative research for eradicating viral diseases

Frontier life and medical sciences

Supporting the basic study of the portent for promoting frontier life and medical sciences

Study of stem cells

Supporting original research of the building blocks of humans, stem cells

Cutting-edge research

Maintaining cutting-edge molecular biostudies research equipment/facilities and developing human resources

Information provision

Providing information and organizing lectures, etc. on viruses, life information, and regenerative medicine