Project Support Fund

Pharmaceutical Sciences Education and Research Fund

Creation of a center for education and research of the highest global standard
through developing international human resources to power drug discovery and medical care

 Pharmaceutical sciences is an assembly of integrated applied sciences with the objectives of innovating, synthesizing, manufacturing and finding appropriate applications for pharmaceutical agents that will contribute to human health and social development.
 The Graduate School and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to generate outstanding research output in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and trains researchers in a broad range of drug discovery-related fields and those in clinical pharmacy to support advanced medicine, and thereby to construct an education and research center for drug discovery and medical care of the highest global standard.

 Drug discovery research and advanced medicine today are growing rapidly more sophisticated and globalized. The cultivation of human resources capable of adapting swiftly to these changes is an urgent priority, and the mission of our Graduate School and Faculty is growing in importance.
 Even with the mounting austerity of finances and other conditions underpinning the operation of national universities, we shall continue our work to educate and cultivate human resources for active roles around the world and to produce the highest global levels of research output. It was for these purposes that we established the Pharmaceutical Sciences Education and Research Fund in December 2016.

 This Fund will be used, amongst other things, to support the provision of educational environments (infrastructure such as lecture rooms and laboratories) and research facilities and equipment, and to support international exchange and research activities of students and young researchers, all with a view to building the basis for human resource development and research output befitting an international center for drug discovery and medical care.

Fund applications



Supporting educational programs

Human resource development through support for students’ international exchange activities and enhancement of educational environments

Supporting research programs

Infrastructure development to support research activity of the highest global standard
Research support for young researchers

Social contributions

IProjects to advance collaboration with local communities
Social contribution projects including advertising on the proper use of pharmaceutical products