Project Support Fund

Energy Science Fund

For enhancement of interdisciplinary research activities on energy science

 The Graduate School of Energy Science (GSES) aims to foster pioneering researchers to persue sustainable development of the world, particularly in the field of science and technology; physics, chemistry together with economics and agriculture, all of which are related to energy and environment.

 The GSES accepts about 40 students per year from all over the world, which is almost a quarter of the enrolled students. In order to cultivate interdisciplinary study on the energy science, the students exchange is a prerequisite issue. The ESGS will devote its harmoneous development of high education to this subject.

 This fund will be used to support the overall activities of research and education in the GSES, in order to cultivate people with global views of solving energy-environmental problems and realizing harmoneous carbon-neutral societies.

Fund applications



Support for education programs

Support students life/activities, Student assistance, Improvement of educational environment/facilities

Support for resarch programs

Upgrade the Infrastructure of higher-level research equipements, Grant support for young researchers

International exchange

Support of young scholars' activities overseas, Support to invite scholars from abroad

Social engagement activities

Publicity for society, Open course lectures, Cooperation with alumini

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